About Us

Lauge Sorensen Productions is a photography/filmmaking company based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

One of our specialties is supporting PR/media activities for individual artists, performers and organizations within arts & culture, entertainment and education industries.

With a flexible and professional production team – we carry our client’s vision from idea to execution, on time, within budget, exceeding expectations – always!

Here’s just some of our wide-ranging services:

  • Artist PR Portfolio including stunning photographs and video showreels – often required for casting calls, competition entries, education applications, sponsorship applications, fundraising activities, social media profiles etc
  • Live Performance Capture with a minimum use of 4 camera angles to dramatically increase production value and ensure a superior viewing experience of the professionally edited performance
  • Advertisement Photography to promote upcoming events – for social media, posters, billboards, souvenir programs etc
  • Advertisement Video to promote upcoming events – for social media, digital billboards, TV broadcast etc
  • Capture of red carpet events/premieres – including both photography and vox pop interviews